Our direct metal deposition technology (DMD®) is an advanced additive metal process with far-reaching applications. DMD’s wide capability makes it a great tool for engineers in a variety of industries ranging from oilfield to aerospace, from automotive to chemical, from heavy equipment industries to defense. DMD® is ideal for the following production services.

  • Hardfacing or Protective Coatings by applying cermet and other superalloy coatings.
  • Remanufacturing and Restoration of damaged or worn out components.
  • Multi-material Components with complex geometries.
  • Free-form Fabrication of new components or adding features to existing parts.


Additive manufacturing is currently used in a variety of industries. And although there are many different types of additive metal processes available in the market today, DMD ® offers a superior additive metal process for industry applications and solutions to problems encountered relating to wear surfaces or restoration and repair of components.

DMD ® technology is used in many other fields such as:

  • Aerospace- Remanufacture high value turbine engine components and/or manufacturing new components; such as bosses, flanges on engine casings etc.
  • Oil & Gas: - Providing longer lasting downhole tooling through DMD hardfacing.